I’m Justin Lavoie, a software and data engineer in Boston, Massachusetts. I’ve previously worked in healthcare software roles at InterSystems and Tempus Labs. I also run the website www.BookClub.Guide as a sideproject. See my LinkedIn profile for more about my experience.

Feel free to get in touch. Email is generally the best way to contact me.

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BookClub.Guide Technical Overview

BookClub.Guide runs on a small-form-factor web server in my home. With so many free and low-cost web hosting options available these days, this probably wasn’t the most practical decision. But it was a chance to learn end-to-end server administration without having any steps done automatically by a cloud provider. I built the site using the Django web framework and PostgreSQL as the database. A python migration script is regularly run to load bibliographic data from the ISFDB MySQL releases into Postgres, while denormalizing into a schema more suitable for this application. Read more...